Why It Matters if Your Dog Likes Their Food

Why It Matters if Your Dog Likes Their Food

Why It Matters if Your Dog Likes Their Food. Any dog owner is aware that they’re wired to eat on disgusting stuff (cat waste, garbage and dead animals) and, when it comes time to eat it’s difficult to envision a canine who doesn’t like their meat-first, super-premium premium, top-of-the-line, fancy pet food isn’t it?

In reality, eating habits that are picky is a typical issue for pet owners and is a major cause of stress when you shop the aisles for dog food. If you’ve ever been in worry at the aisle of dog food, wondering which bag to bring home to your pet’s next meal — this article was created for you, thanks to benefit from our colleagues at Zignature..


It is essential to feed your dog the right balance of nutrition and appropriate diet for your dog’s species. It doesn’t matter much what’s in the bowl of your dog If your dog won’t even take it in isn’t it?

The addition of gravies and toppings to meals are a great way to benefit make food more enjoyable. However, If you’re not careful, they could increase calories and cause allergies for dogs that are allergic to specific ingredients. It is therefore essential to choose a diet that is healthy balanced, balanced, and suitable for your pet and their needs, but also delicious for your excellent pet.

Why Dogs Need to Eat Food Specifically Made for Dogs

Why Dogs Need to Eat Food Specifically Made for Dogs

It might seem absurd to some, however many people ask why dogs are required to eat food that is specifically designed for dogs. Why don’t they eat meals with their human companions? In the end, they’re an omnivore, just like us, aren’t? There are many reasons why your dog should be fed a appropriate species-specific dog food.

Management of weight

Dogs should consume between 25 and 30 calories per pound body weight in order to maintain their weight. For example, a dog that weighs 10 pounds should consume between 250 and 300 calories a day. A lab mix that weighs 70 pounds would consume 1,750-2,100 calories a day — the same amount of calories as a mature adult human! Dog food is a great source of the daily calories needed. So that you’re measuring the amount of food you give them.

Minerals and vitamins

There are certain nutritional requirements dogs have which they only obtain from their food. Like our diets, dogs obtain vital vitamins and minerals from food. They also have needs that differ significantly from our own. For instance, dogs need an amount of taurine to ensure their heart health as well as their vision.

Nutritional correctness

Deficiency in nutrition can cause conditions like malnutrition and obesity. A diet that is appropriate for your dog balanced and suited specifically for pets, is a way for you to assure your dog receives the right nutrition.


In addition, foods that aren’t designed for dogs often cannot be digested easily by dogs. It can be a matter of mild discomfort such as sour thump and can escalate to serious issues like diarrhea and vomiting or even more severe. In other instances, “people food” is harmful to dogs. Therefore, before you give your furry friend food with your fork, be sure that they are safe to enjoy.

If you’ve realized that you have to feed your dog a diet specially designed for dogs, Zignature has three suggestions to help your dog take pleasure in eating meals:

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Dog Enjoy Mealtimes More

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Dog Enjoy Mealtimes More

1) Feeding rotational

Do you think of eating the same food every single day throughout your life? This is exactly what pets go through, so it is easy to imagine the reasons why they become bored of their food. This is why Zignature suggests rotating feeding not just to keep dogs engaged in their food as well as for health benefits.

Rotational feeding refers to the practice of rotating (or switching between) the food the dog is fed. For instance, you can switch between different proteins like duck, chicken, turkey and so on.

Typically, you’ll require a gradual switch prior to changing the food your dog eats. With rotational feeding you use the same brand and formula to avoid your dog having an upset stomach. Choose Zignature Formulas contain similar nutritional profile, making rotational feeding easy and simple. This means you can easily change between proteins, offering your pet a range of delicious and nutritious formulas to select from. Go here learn more about Zignature’s wide range of nutritious and delicious formulas.

2) Combination feeding

Enhance your dog’s food by making it more entertaining through including canned foods to an dry diet. Wet food doesn’t just provide a pleasant taste and the much-needed hydration needed as well, it’s also lower in calories which is a plus for the “big-boned” dogs that need to shed some pounds. Be aware that if you add to your dog’s dry food intake with canned food, it is recommended to cut down on how much dry food they eat.

3) Inspire them with sweets

What could we do with treats for our dogs? They are a great way to reward for good behavior, benefit you establish trust with a new pet or to strengthen the bond you already have with your dog. They can be an immense benefit when you are training your dog. Simply said, treats make dogs feel happy and that makes us feel happy! They’re a better option to feed your pet scraps from the table because they’re healthier…well at times. Choose snacks that are nutritious and meet the same high-quality standards similar to the food you feed such as Ziggy Bars made by Zignature. They’re made using the same minimal ingredients as their food, and use meat as the primary ingredient.

Talk to the vet

If your dog suddenly starts having a difficult time eating, but has previously been a healthy eater, the first step you need to do is get your pet examined by a vet. Check for dental problems, health issues or any other issues that could be the cause of food preferences.

Choosing the Right Food

You know that your dog requires an appropriate diet for his species that tastes delicious, Zignature recommends seeking out a diet that:

  • Provides a variety of dog formulas to discover one or two that your dog will love.
  • It is designed for feeding rotationally
  • There are a few ingredients that can support nutrition needs
  • It uses meat as the initial ingredient
  • Includes premium ingredients
  • Dry food, wet food and snacks

If you need benefit in choosing the right food for your dog, you should consider Zignature. Contrary to the many commercial pet food brands Zignature’s recipes adhere to an approach of meat-first and limited ingredients in order to assure an absolute accurate nutritional value for your excellent pet. Utilize their store locator to locate a retailer close to you, or ask Zignature for samples to test–your pet will be grateful.


Why do dogs enjoy their food?

Dogs have a distinct scent organ in their tongue. This organ lets them taste their food by sensing it. If your dog is sniffing something, they’re taking in molecules that tell them what the food should taste like.

How can I tell what my dog’s preferences are for pet food?

If your pet remains in the bowl throughout their meal, and they finish everything you’ve provided, this is a great indication that they have were satisfied with the food. It is also possible to observe your pet after they’ve eaten. Lip licking, no fidgeting, and falling asleep are all indications that the food was thoroughly enjoyed.

Do dogs prefer our food more?

The first thing to note is that human food tends to be nutritionally richer than a lot of commercial low-grade dog food items. Additionally, they are likely to be more delicious. In this light it’s not surprising that your dog could look at food and beg the table!

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