Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red?

Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red?

The eyes of your dog can be as delicate as they are precious. There are a variety of causes that can cause eyes of dogs red, which we’ll examine further down.

Certain types of eye irritations can cause the skin or conjunctiva around the eyes to become red and inflamed Some of them alter the shape of the eyeball. The perfect method to determine the answer to, “Why are my dog’s eyes red?” is to consult your veterinarian because eye irritation could result in more severe damage if not treated. However, here are some possibilities of explanations that could be in your visit.

Causes of Red Eyes in Dogs

Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red?


In the spring and summer seasons, people suffering from allergies begin to experience the typical nose sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny nose. Although allergies can happen at any time of the year but your pet may also be more susceptible according to the time of year.

It is thought to be a problem for dogs. It occurs when the body develops an immune reaction to something it’s wrongly deemed harmful. Like pollen particles in the air. To benefit to alleviate the irritated symptoms of canine hayfever, including eyes that are bloodshot in dogs. Consult your veterinarian regarding the desirable treatment that your animal will benefit from.

Eye Infection

If your dog’s eyes are red, eyes may be an indication of an eye disease. Eye problems in dogs are caused by a variety of causes. Injuries to the eyes or coming in contact with bacteria could eventually cause the development of an infection in your eyes. A alteration in air quality could dry out your dog’s eyes, which makes them more prone to eye infection.

Environmental Irritants

There are a myriad of irritating substances. Both in and out of our homes, which could cause eye irritation in our dogs. Cleaning products, perfumes sprays, smoke, or even dust could be sources of irritation if they are absorbed into the eyes of your pet. If you’ve noticed your pet’s eyes are red, or has bloodshot eyes, you should be taking note of the potential irritations that your pet came across in their daily routine. Be sure to contact your veterinarian since red eyes can be an indication of something more serious happening. It’s excellent for you to determine these problems as soon as it’s possible.


My pet may be suffering from conjunctivitis of the dog? Do you have a dog with watery eyes, pink eyes and swollen eyes? Similar to humans, dogs are susceptible to conjunctivitis.

The condition develops because the membrane that covers the lids’ insides called the conjunctiva, gets inflammationd. It may have a variety of causes, from allergies to infectious diseases or injuries. Based on the trigger that caused the conjunctivitis in your dog there are a variety of solutions that can benefit reduce symptoms.

Eye Injuries

Eye Injuries

Eye trauma could be a reason the reason your dog’s eyes are swelling and red at once. If you’ve got a active dog in your household You’re aware of the ease with which they slam on objects during play and chase. Your dog could also start blinking, which usually means they’re suffering. You might even notice bleeding. See your vet to seek benefit immediately when your dog’s eyes are dilated or you notice any signs of blood. If the impact at the eye is especially difficult cornea (surface of the eye) could have been damaged by the injury. Which could lead to painful ulcers forming around the eye itself. This may result in the formation of scar tissue, which can block vision and could result in a variety of problems with eyesight. This is the reason early competent benefit is crucial.


Uveitis refers to the inflammation of particular structures of the eye which form the eye’s uvea (this comprises the eye’s iris along with other layers in the middle in the eyes). Unfortunately, it is a painful eye condition, and it is possible that your pet will be not exposing themselves to bright light or keeping the eye affected shut.

Your veterinarian will run several tests to determine what causes your dog’s eyes to be red. It could involve blood tests, ultrasounds and tests of the pressure of fluid in the eye. If uveitis is the reason, the veterinarian will suggest the best treatment. If you have mild cases you might notice improvements in your dog’s health quickly. However frequent visits to your vet could be required to ensure that the treatment will go adequate to the plan. The more severe cases aren’t as often seen, but can cause blindness, so it is important to speak to an animal veterinarian immediately if you detect any symptoms.

Corneal Ulcers

The membrane that covers part of your eye’s front is referred to as the cornea. It can be scratched from time to time, particularly if you have pets that be lost in tall grass or has a tendency to get into all kinds of objects while playing. The problem is that a cornea that has been scratched could be an opportunity for bacteria to get on and further damage. It which can cause red eyes as well as many discomfort for our furry friends. If your dog’s eyes are red you should make an appointment with your veterinarian to have an eye exam to confirm a cornea ulcer.


Can a common occurrence of eyes that are red in dogs disguise a more complex condition like glaucoma? While it is more often detected with older breeds, all dogs could be affected. Redness, cloudy eyes and discharge from the eye are some of the more common signs owners must be watching for. Glaucoma is defined as the accumulation of fluid inside the eye. It is important to see a veterinarian immediately you begin to notice the signs. Glaucoma cannot be reversed until it is detected in its beginning stages. But there are a variety of treatments available based on severity and the problem. Learn more about dog glaucoma by reading our comprehensive guide.

Dry Eye

Sometimes, eyes of dogs don’t produce satisfying water to keep the cornea well-lubricated. When the tear glands start drying down, the cornea will become dry, too. The moisture that was able to keep harmful particles out disappearing, your pet’s eyes may become red and inflammationd. Dry eyes may also be caused by another health issue as the primary source, therefore visiting a vet is crucial in the appropriate treatment for this condition.

Cherry Eye

The condition is known as cherry eye. It’s an eye condition that affects the gland that is located on the third eyelid. The gland can expand (pop from its normal position) and may appear red and swollen. This gives the condition its name: cherry eye.

The cause of the problem isn’t certain, but it is known that cherry eye appears to be present more often in certain breeds including bullmastiffs, Shar Peis, Cocker Spaniels and Great Danes.

Foreign Object or Debris

Sometimes, the reason why your dog’s eye appears red could be because of a foreign object. This is quite typical for dogs who are more adventurous. If your dog loves to wander around in tall grass and bushes it is possible that they will be bitten by something that causes irritation and swelling. The foreign objects that land in your dog’s eyes could be as tiny as grass seeds and as large as a portion of a tree. While it’s impossible to limit the chance to zero it is excellent to avoid long grass and make certain to conduct a an immediate head-to-toe examination following walks so that you can spot any potential issues in the early stages.

Treatment Options

The accurate method of determining if the redness that the eyes of your dog is a sign of something more serious is to set appointments with your vet. They might conduct tests to determine the reason for the redness. They’ll also test for dry eye, and / or corneal scratches or ulcers. Most importantly, they’ll gather the data they need to provide treatments that can take various types. From topical ointments for antibiotics to anti-inflammatory medication or even surgery in more severe cases Your veterinarian should be well-equipped to assess the situation of your dog and benefit in getting them on their path to feeling more relaxed.


How do I get rid of my dogs red eyes?

Treatment of Red Eye in Dogs

  1. Topical Medications. Topical medications are available in ointments or drops and may need to be applied up to three times daily for a week or two until signs resolve. …
  2. Oral Medications. In case of infection or trauma to the eye, oral antibiotics may be prescribed. …
  3. Surgery.

Can stress make a dog’s eye red?

Yes, sometimes anxious dogs or even happily excited will get bloodshot eyes, but you shouldn’t assume bloodshot eyes just mean stress. Medical problems like conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome, and glaucoma can cause bloodshot eyes, too. If you see bloodshot eyes in your dog, get an appointment with your veterinarian.

Do red eyes mean a dog is tired?

It’s actually not as sweet as it sounds, but this is another common eye problem which will cause bloodshot eyes. Sometimes, it might just be as simple as your puppy being tired. Puppies need a lot of sleep, and if they have red eyes and look tired, it could be time for them to have a nap.

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