The Dog Bed Situation: How I Accommodate Two Picky Ladies

The Dog Bed Situation: How I Accommodate Two Picky Ladies

The Dog Bed Situation: How I Accommodate Two Picky Ladies. As most of you are aware that we are an animal-friendly household of three. While I’d like each dog having their own separate space it’s not feasible. We have a variety of pet beds scattered throughout our house. We have Manic’s favorite bed close to our sliding doors, so Manic can play with his favorite stuffed chipmunk while watching the world.  Lorraina’s lounge, which we put near the TV so she doesn’t have to sleep as we enjoy our shows. Jelly is a bed inside my work space. She enjoys keeping my attention while I work.

It all goes perfectly during the daytime. But when we get to bed at night, the war between the beds starts.

Our Past Sleeping Arrangement

Our Past Sleeping Arrangement

Jelly has been sleeping at night in the bed of ours since we returned her from the clinic for animals in Thailand. (Yes we are the people who allow their dogs to rest in their bed. Don’t be a judge.)

We made her a mattress inside the wicker box was placed in the same spot as our bed. However, in the early morning I awoke at her crying, and desperately trying to climb the bed. She was so tiny that she couldn’t even climb by herself. It was a pain to listen to the crying of her, and so I picked her up and put her beside my bed. She fell asleep within an hour.

Jelly was able to rest at night in the bed of our home for more than 10 years. It wasn’t until she was in her twilight years that she began to get frustrated when my husband or I would get up in bed and tried to jump her over with our legs. She would get up off the bed with a scream and then retreat towards the couch. Lorraina had already become a couch sleeper however, so long as Jelly was at the opposite end of the bed, she was okay. Also, Manic was thrilled to make her bed human bed.

When we moved to Thailand in the USA we were forced to make some changes.Things needed to change when we made our big move.

The Beginning of the Battle of the Beds

When we relocated to the USA We were offered a handful of dog beds we could utilize in the home. We had three in our main room, one extra with two more in the bedrooms. We were a bit disappointed that we allowed Manic turn into a bed dog and allowed the girls to choose to sleep on the floor.

Lorraina was confined to an even bigger donut-shaped bedding that was covered in a fine, breathable fleece. It was a lot bigger than she wanted but she seemed to be in love with the bed. Jelly’s bed with stripes, adorned with a fleece-like covering, was sat on an ottoman and she loved lying on a small platform.

It’s true that Jelly often liked stirring up the pot and would lie on Lorraina’s bed. Jelly is our “Head Dog”, as the two other dogs were adopted after having her for more than a year. When Jelly was able to take over the bed of Lorraina, Lorraina couldn’t try to get it back. She would instead stand just a few feet away looking at her bed with Jelly in it, then looking in my direction, asking me to make her move to sleep. I’d need to take Jelly away from Lorraina’s bed in order to make peace.

Then, we opted to change the layout of the bedroom and remove the ottoman. So, Jelly’s bed was set on the floor near the bedroom’s door.

This can upset the normal sleeping pattern.

The War Waged On

Since both beds were on the ground and both beds were on the floor, we believed there was no issue. They were both on the same playing fields, to put it that way.

HA! I’m laughing!

Lorraina began sleeping on Jelly’s mattress. The situation was a bit tense, and she asked me to nudge her out so that Jelly could go to sleep. However, this was a constant issue; Lorraina kept “stealing” Jelly’s bed. Was this out of resentment due to the fact that Jelly did this to Lorraina previously? I don’t criticize my dogs however Lorraina appears as if she’d have some grudge.

Our husbands and me believed that it was due to the beds’ position. Jelly’s bed was located in the corner close to the top of our bed, whereas Lorraina’s was at the bottom. We changed the beds’ locations.

 Then, we realized that Lorraina’s blanket wasn’t soft sufficient. Lorraina is a senior and can be cold in the evening. She’d likely appreciate having a brand new blanket so we went to the shop and picked up the most fluffy blanket in the store. We took the blanket home, spread it on her donut mattress, and then pointed it out with pride like parents of their children pointing at the brand new car they purchased on the 16th anniversary of their birthday.

Lorraina behaved like a spoilt teenager who was begging for the brand latest 2024 Hybrid Lexus ST 2400 Hondo (yeah I’m not familiar with vehicles) instead of the previous model, and was unwilling to get near this new blanket. Maybe it smelt odd? We placed her old blanket over the new one, hoping that this could attract her. We were able to see through our deeds and didn’t buy it. She walked towards Jelly’s striped bed.

The Compromise

At this moment, I didn’t think about the place where my dogs slept. I was exhausted by the constant going back and forth.

“You two should be considered lucky that you even HAVE beds,” I said to them. “There are some dogs that sleep on the PAVEMENT every night!” They were able to understand my frustrations.

I sat down and looked at them and thought about what was about to happen.

“Jelly You often slept on Lorraina’s bed, when you weren’t able to get onto the sofa. This is what’s to take place.” I am crossing my arms. You have officially taken the donut bed that Lorraina has however, you will give the fleece blanket away to get the brand new blanket.” I removed the fleece blanket off the donut bed and placed it on the bed with striped stripes.

I glanced at Lorraina. “Lorraina You have won the fleece as well as Jelly’s bed with striped stripes. You’ve completely claimed Jelly’s bedding along with her blanket as yours. I’m not sure why you did it. Perhaps you’re a Bitter Betty or you are a Petty Patty, but you have won. However, I would not like to ever see you trying to get back to your donuts. You’re banned from it.”

Lorraina was waging her tail as she said that this was exactly what she always wanted. She climbed into the stripe bed and sat on the fleece she had been looking forward to. Jelly fell asleep in the donut mattress with the blanket. Jelly did offer me “a look”, which I did not pay attention to. Then she sat to her bed and went to sleep.

Manic was watching this entire exchange in the privacy of our beds.

I pointed him in the direction of. “Stay away from their beds.”


What’s a dog’s bed?

Luxury Dog Snuggle Beds / Calming Snuggle Sack Dog Beds

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How do you make use of the dog bed?

Begin by standing near to your dog’s bed, and then use some treats to lure them to come closer to you. Set the treats in the bed to draw the dog to stay inside. If your dog isn’t willing to climb all the way onto the bed and then reward them for placing at least two or three paws onto the bed.

What are the excellent beds for dogs?

Choose a dog bed with higher edges that mimic the sense of security they felt with their littermates. They also have soft cushions to support their muscles and joints as they develop. It is also important to look for pet beds that have cleanable covers since accidents are quite common in the house-training phase.

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