9 Signs of Heat Exhaustion (And 8 Safe Ways to Cool a Dog Down)

9 Signs of Heat Exhaustion (And 8 Safe Ways to Cool a Dog Down)

At this time of year, there are many people who would like to take a break and enjoy the warm weather. Our pets have the same longing to run around with the sun which is why security in hot weather should be on the forefront of all your actions together.

The occurrence of heat exhaustion is higher in dogs than you would expect, with hundreds of of heat-related diseases occurring every year, with some even fatal. A recent report outlined 395 cases of exhaustion and heatstroke with 14% of the cases ending in death.

To appreciate the importance of keeping your dog cool during scorching days. HonestPaws has compiled top 9 indicators of exhaustion you need to look for and eight safe methods to swiftly chill your dog down to a level that is safe.



As overheating is a life-threatening condition in the event of not being treat promptly being aware of the first signs of exhaustion can lower the risk of heatstroke and even death.

The bright, red gums

Bright red gums are an indication of an boost in blood flow to the mouth. Which is the primary cooling centre for dogs. If your pet’s gums are extremely bright or bright pink on the summer heat. It’s a good indicator to recognize that he could be a bit overheated.


If your dog has lost his balance or is conscious and has fallen over, go to your veterinarian immediately. According to the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation recommends soaking your pet with a cool. Damp cloth and contacting your vet in advance so that they can be prepare for your visit.


Diarrhea is another symptom of exhaustion due to heat in dogs. The stomach that is upset often occurs in conjunction with collapse and is often accompanied by soft stool, or stools with tiny quantities of blood.

Excessive panting

Since dogs lose excess body heat and regulate their temperature via panting and breathing. Dogs experiencing heat exhaustion may exhibit rapid breathing and excessive panting.


If you observe that your dog’s appearance is drained and exhausted in the heat of summer and you’re worried. There’s plenty of cause to be concerned. If your dog is hot, it will nap more frequently than usual and appear like they’re carrying thousands of pounds of weight while sitting or walking.

Speedy Heart Rate

When there is a sudden increase in the heart rate of your dog isn’t a sign that your dog is in love with you. If you notice an rise in dizziness or panting on your pup. That could be a sign of an rise in heart rate due to the exhaustion caused by heat. A rise in heart rate is a heart’s attempt to regulate internal temperature therefore, take action immediately whenever you notice worrying changes.

slow response time

Another commonly overlooked sign of dog heat exhaustion is a slower response time. In the event that your pet seems usually awake, but he gradually does not respond to your name or to simple commands in the summer heat of afternoon. It’s possible that the heat may be impacting his attention.

Temperature over 104 degrees

If your dog’s body temperature rises to temperature of 104 or more the dog has plenty of reason to get concerned. It’s time for you to take your pet’s temperature to the vet immediately.

Increased thirst

Most pets will become thirstier and consume more water than usual once the scorching heat of summer heat hits. This is the reason your dog should always be able to access clean, fresh, cool water to drink.

If your dog displays one of the signs below of exhaustion, you must take immediate actions to cool them down.



Create an energizing space

One easy way to cool down your hot dog is to create an area where he can relax and get a break from the scorching temperatures. If you’re inside, purchase an air conditioner to cool the ambient temperatures. If you’re out, find an attractive, secure shelter that allows Fido to cool down and unwind.


Just the way we drink cold water, chilled drinking water can provide immediate cooling effects and is an fast and effective way to avoid exhaustion from heat. Make sure you have clean, cool water at hand when you and your dog are outside in the heat.

Use a wet towel

Does putting a wet towel over a dog help them cool down? Yes, when done correctly by with a cool, cool towel. But, you must be aware not to splash water that’s too cold directly onto your pet. You do not want to shock or shock them.

Set up Misters

Instead the traditional method of with the garden hose these are specially created devices that connect directly to water sources. They spray a thin mist of cool, refreshing water. It’s more comfortable to use misters for your dog rather than spraying large quantities of water at the dog with the garden hose.

Make a Dog Pool

People love taking a dip in the pool each and every now and again and why shouldn’t our dogs? Making a dog’s pool is a great way to cool your pet, however it should be handled cautiously. If your dog appears to be close to a point of the heat. It’s much better to gradually reduce his temperature instead of throwing him into a pool.

Ice Their Water Bowl

There’s nothing that a refreshing drink of ice will not solve. By adding a handful of ice cubes to Fido’s bowl of water will warrant that he’s got a steady supply of refreshing drinking water when the summer heat arrives.


Who would refuse an appealing frozen treat during a hot summer day? Serve your pet delicious, frozen pup-sicles and watch as your dog’s tail is wagging. The perfect thing about it is that it’s incredibly easy to make in at the convenience of your own home.

Buy a Cooling Mat

Dog cool mats are specifically made mats which benefit maintain your dog’s temperature in hot temperatures. They come with a special cooling gel that soaks up heat while remaining cool and comfy for your dog to lay on. Also, you won’t have to shell out extra cash for electric power in order to assure your pup stays comfortable and cool. Win-win!



While the methods mentioned above are easy and safe methods of cooling the dog in summertime. You should be mindful of dangerous methods also. Below are some methods and the reasons to avoid them.

Away from the Car equipped with AC

Although air conditioning can be a great option to cool down hot dogs however. Leaving your dog in a vehicle even when the air conditioner is turned on is largely inadvisable as temperature fluctuations aren’t predictable. If you find an animal left alone in a car that is parked or in a car. You may inform the local authorities or animal control in the event that the owner doesn’t return within a couple of minutes.

Ice Bath

 Ice baths can be beneficial for athletes, but they are should not be used on your pets. This is due to the fact that they trigger abrupt temperature changes that can be harmful to dogs with heat exhaustion.

Ice Pack

 Ice packs can be another method people cool their hot dogs. However, this method is dangerous and harmful. Dogs could accidentally inhale the ice-pack substance and cause stomach issues.

Shave Bald

Shaving away all coat of your pet could appear to be a quick and easy method of cooling your pet. But it can expose your dog to a new level of environmental dangers. Although it is acceptable to cut spots off to treat medical issues such as surgical procedures and areas of heat however, that coat on your pet is present to serve a myriad different reasons, and shouldn’t be cut away completely.

Swimming within Dirty Water

Dirty water may be able to help and help keep your pet cool but the water contains millions of pathogens which are searching for the appropriate environment to spread their disease. Keep your pet safe from the dangers of a dirtyr and ensure they stay at their home in the pool or at a reputable nature-based water source.


What’s the most efficient method to cool down an animal?

Make use of cool, wet towels

This is particularly useful for dogs who suffer from heatstroke. To help keep them cool you can soak a towel in warm water and then lay it on top of your pet. It should be left on for brief intervals and be sure you remove it after the towel has dried, as it can cause your dog to feel warmer.

How do you cool down the hot dog?

Provide a damp towel or other cooling items You can make your dog lay or stand on the cool wet towel in order to benefit their bodies shed heat. It is also possible to apply a damp towel to their necks as well as the sides of their legs. Special items like cooling vests and cooling pads for crate are also available from the majority of major pet supply retailers.

How do you combat heat exhaustion in dogs?

immediately move your pet into a cool place like your home that is air-conditioned and add them with water if they’re showing signs of heatstroke, like frequent panting. Put the pet inside a tub filled with cool water. Do not place them in an cold or ice-cold water bath.

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