10 Ways To Travel With Your Pup

10 Ways To Travel With Your Pup

Each and every now and again we humans require a break from the brutality of life and even though. We put the kids and our spouse at home Our pets are always welcome. There aren’t all hotels the same like we would be to a pair of paws on the bed. So prior to planning your next trip consider looking through our list of hotels. That are accommodating as well as airlines to assure that your pet can have a good time and enjoy an afternoon of R&R the same way you do.

The Heathman Hotel

The Heathman Hotel

The Heathman Hotel, with locations in Portland, Washington and beyond it is a must-visit hotel for the pet who has everything. Each chain has their specific variant of the “Pampered Pooch package,” that, at an extra $60 will include everything from a pet’s bed, to a doggie-care package that includes freshly baked treats.

The Pups are in agreement: The Heathman Hotel in Kirkland, WA is the ideal place to be!

Kimpton Hotels

Even Kimpton admits they have an animal-friendly attraction. The only attraction that is unique for Kimpton Hotels are the furry Director of Pet Relations, including Mr. Hershey Diego. The Yorkie/Silky Terrier Mix in the Hotel Monaco Philadelphia, Charlie the Bichon Frise at Hotel Monaco Alexandria and Bosco. The Cocker Spaniel in Hotel Palomar Phoenix. In the evening, your dog is invite to attend no-cost wine receptions, or go home early in his cozy pet bed loaner. Kimpton Hotels has 63 hotels in 30 cities including New York City and Los Angeles and wherever else you’d like to go you and your dog will be taken to.

Loewk Hotels

“What’s enjoyable about travelling withyour pet? We don’t say anything.” We’re in agreement, Loews. We are extremely thankful of your Loews”LOVES” Pets program that includes personal nametags for each pet and tasty snacks. If it’s time to sit down, you can enjoy a gourmet breakfast and room service to yourself along with your dog. Bon appetit.


Take a drink, choose from the 24 hour on-site dining menu and control almost everything in your room via the app on your phone while in the company of your accurate friend! 1 Hotels has several locations with their latest being a one block to the from Central Park. They invite humans as well as dogs to take a stroll through their natural-inspired rooms. To enjoy their autumn getaway in fashion and ease. (Plus that all dogs receive the BarkBox when they check in!) For those curious dogs you can learn the more details about 1 Hotel Central Park’s dog-friendly amenities on their site!


Like Pet Airways which was sadly was shut in 2013 in 2013 People and Pets will fly your pet. To almost every airport within the United States on demand for two weeks per month. Each flight will have access to a vet throughout the trip and all pets are examined by the flight attendants to warrant an enjoyable flight. At present, People and Pets is only operating PAWfund charity flights. However, keep an eye out for commercial flights in October of this year.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

In April of 2015, Delta debuted its pet-tracking device in the 10 U.S. airports for passengers carrying valuable cargo on the aircraft. The devices track pups in real-time. Providing data ranging from temperature to the pet is in which position it is within (right-side up or in an awkward position.) For just $50 per flight, you can be assured that your pet is traveling just as comfortable as you are.

Alaska Air

Alaska Airlines think your pup should travel fur-st class! This is why they offer Their PetStreak Animal Express service. Which allows pups to travel in an enclosed, controlled temperature compartment. Smaller dogs can take a flight together with you inside the cabin.

What To Bring


Vacation is the only time of the year when we aren’t required to be careful about our diets- and this is true to your dog as well! It’s accurate not to go overboard and overfeed your dog however, you can throw him a bone once in a while. He’s been a great dog.

Extra Leash

The last thing you’ll need while on holiday is your dog’s lead breaking in half, and there is no replacement. Prepare for the worst-case scenario with an extra lead in your luggage to be prepared in the event that your dog tugs too hard in the excitement of vacation isn’t the only thing you can do.

Adequate Food

If you are certain that you’re going to be away for a period of time warrant you’ve packed satisfying pet food to last the entire trip. Food for dogs is costly and the ideal scenario is to be forced to purchase an entire bag of food only to have to carry it back or spend the money you spent on food that you will then throw away. Be cautious when packing food if your pet is on a diet or has allergies.


What is the perfect way to travel with my dog?

If you are unable to secure the puppy inside a crate you should have him safely seated on the back of your car wearing a dog harness or seat belt. If you’re taking an extended drive, make sure you have a break, stop the vehicle and let your puppy enjoy a glass of water as well as a bit of exercise.

Can a dog be used for traveling?

Why not take them along with you? A trip with a puppy can be nerve-wracking but when you have the right precautions put in place. It could make your trip even unforgettable (in the best way). Remember: puppies need special care when they’re out travelling in their first trip, much like they would at home.

How do you travel a lot with a dog?

Some dogs have been trained to relax in carriers or kennels and find it the best way to travel. For some more nervous dogs, it may be a good idea to cover the crate with a blanket or cover to limit outside stimuli and distractions. Make sure the carrier is safely secured.

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